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Green Mesh Tarps Sold By The Case

The green mesh tarps can be used as: windbreaks, swimming pool covers, shade for cows, bird netting, temporary fences, ponds, tennis courts, screens for windows, snow fences, and carports, and boat covers, and in many other ways.

Our mesh tarps are made of polyethylene, and it has, at every eighteen inch intervals, grommets. While not as sturdy as a steel structure to protect one's car from the elements, they are less expensive. While this is a shelter and a cover, as well, providing a sixty percent shade factor, it allows some sunlight to shine through, at the rate of forty percent.

The mesh tarp's hem is reinforced with a webbing, and this increases its tensile strength. Plus, it keeps them, the edges, from unraveling. It is offered in a dark green color. This is also used in backyard gardening, as it keeps all of the sun, and wind and rain from the vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

It is available in knitted shade netting, as it is called, or shade cloth. This shelter is also ultraviolet protected, thus, it will keep safe from the sun's ultraviolet waves, a variety of things. It is used as a desert sun shade mesh, a truck tarp, and a hurricane shelter. There are a lot of different color covers, and since they all have different strengths and weaknesses, it would be handy to become educated as to what those are. An example is, a green mesh tarp would be best to use in protecting, say, a squash, because its need for sun is less. However, if one is looking to shelter, say, flowers, a clear cover is indicated.

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