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Green Canvas Tarps

Green Canvas Tarps

The Tarps Plus green canvas tarps blend in any forest or green environment. Our green canvas tarps are 100% premium grade cotton and are an industry leader when it comes to canvas tarps. The green tarps are used frequently as military canvas tarps.

Green Canvas Tarps - Heavy-duty Cotton Canvas Tarp
16 oz. Per Square Yard. - Heavy-duty Thread Gage
These green canvas tarps are sold Individually

  • Grommets approx. every 2 feet
  • Tear defiant
  • Premium grade canvas tarp

For natural/untreated Canvas tarps, give us a call at 1-800-838-3057
*The finished cut size is approx. 6" or up to 3% smaller

Green Canvas Tarps
Green Canvas Tarps 5'x7' 1 Tarp per carton

Green Canvas Tarp 5' x 7'


Green Canvas Tarps 6'x8' 1 Tarp per carton

Green Canvas Tarp 6' x 8'


Green Canvas Tarps 6'x10' 1 Tarp per carton

Green Canvas Tarp 6' x 10'


Green Canvas Tarps 6x20 1 Tarps Per Case

Green Canvas Tarp 6' x 20' - OUT OF STOCK


Green Canvas Tarps 8'x10' 1 Tarp per carton

Green Canvas Tarp 8' x 10'


Green Canvas Tarps 8'x12' 1 Tarp per carton

Green Canvas Tarp 8' x 12' - OUT OF STOCK


Green Canvas Tarps 10'x12' 1 Tarp per carton

Green Canvas Tarp 10' x 12'


Green Canvas Tarps 10'x16' 1 Tarp per carton

Green Canvas Tarp 10' x 16'


Green Canvas Tarps 12'x20' 1 Tarp per carton

Green Canvas Tarp 12' x 20'


Green Canvas Tarps 14'x20' 1 Tarp per carton

Green Canvas Tarp 14' x 20' - OUT OF STOCK


Green Canvas Tarps 20'x20' 1 Tarp per carton

Green Canvas Tarp 20' x 20' - OUT OF STOCK



Suggested Uses of Green Canvas Tarps

Green canvas tarps are ideal for forest and woodland areas. Their green color easily blends with nature. These are eco-friendly, heavy-duty tarps. With a thicker material, these covers can be used for long-term applications. Cover your machines and equipment with these durable canvas tarps.

These breathable tarps are great for piles of wood. Rot, mildew and mold will not form on the items covered by these heavy-duty canvas tarps.

Green canvas tarps have many uses but are not suitable for a number of applications. They should not be used as a top cover or sidewalls for canopies. Since these are colored with a dye and treated with waterproofing wax, they cannot be used on vehicles and boats. Your properties might be stained with the green color of these covers.

New canvas tarps have an odor. Use these regularly so the smell will eventually disappear. Since these green canvas tarps have a strong smell, we do not recommend them as covers inside homes. They are only good for the outdoors and construction projects. Do not use these as room dividers.


Qualities of Green Canvas Tarps

Green canvas tarps are long-lasting tarps with their thick, heavy-duty material. When properly maintained, they can last longer than most tarps. Keep these green canvas tarps in great shape by cleaning them with the proper soap/detergent. Do not use a washing machine because the color will bleed and the wax will wear off. Store these when not in use.

Grommets are also placed along the sides so you can tie the tarp securely to the item.

Green canvas tarps are water repellent. They can be exposed to the rain for a short time only.  Once the saturation point has been reached on the material, the water will leak from these green canvas tarps. So use them only as temporary covers and then get waterproof covers to replace them.

The material of this tarp will eventually stretch or shrink after being exposed to the elements. The green canvas tarp will more likely deform when constantly exposed to damaging agents.

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