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30 x 30 Green Canvas Tarps - Heavy-duty Cotton Canvas Tarp

16 oz. Per Square Yard. - Heavy-duty Thread Gage

These tarps are sold Individually


Grommets every 2 feet

Tear defiant

Heavy-duty canvas tarp

High Quality Cotton


*The finished cut size is approx. 6" or up to 3% smallerThe green canvas tarps are a very common household item


that most will own, whether it is in use or in storage awaiting a need for its use. Few painting projects are ever completed without the assistance of this item, and it has many other common uses. The heavy duty canvas tarps are perhaps the most common type, and these are perhaps also the most durable and versatile tarpaulins as well.

Our 30x30 green canvas tarps are made from a material that is very durable, making it great for use outdoors or in other venues where it may receive a lot of wear. No matter what your need, you should easily be able to find the right size.

The green canvas tarp material is treated, makes these water resistant, and most are treated with a special chemical coating that also makes them flame resistant, UV resistant, and mildew resistant. The heavy duty tarp material itself is tear resistant. You may be surprised how long a tarp like this can last, even with extended usage, making them a cost effective option for many projects.

Those who enjoy spending a lot of time outside often use the canvas tarp. Its versatility makes it useful for a lot of things. If you are camping, it can provide extra protection, or it can be used to protect and store food from animals.

You can use the tarp to protect or store items that are not in use for a long period of time, even sensitive objects that you want protected from damage. Looking for a versatile type of tarp? Choosing the canvas tarp is a great solution that is both affordable and efficient. You can use it for nearly every project, and it will last for years.

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