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14 x 20 Green Canvas Tarps - Heavy-duty Cotton Canvas Tarp

16 oz. Per Square Yard. - Heavy-duty Thread Gage

These tarps are sold Individually


Grommets every 2 feet

Tear defiant

Heavy-duty canvas tarp

High Quality Cotton



*The finished cut size is approx. 6" or up to 3% smaller


Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps- The Perfect Answer To Your Outdoor Needs

The Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps are most used and favored ones for multipurpose applications in multitude of purposes. The rugged construction assures us of greater number of mesh size per unit area of the metal used to manufacture the canvas tarpaulins. Also the quality of the thread used is more rugged thereby giving the inner strength to the fabric tarpaulins.

The greater the strength of the fabric tarp, the stronger it will be along with being the perfect choice for outdoor uses. Heavy duty normally means high thicknesses and that can be applicable to any inner part of the fabricating materials used in making the heavy duty fabric. As per our needs and requirements these canvases can be impregnated with different chemicals to attribute various qualities in the finished products. Depending on the final applications or uses these fabric tarps are subjected to different processes to get the desired properties as we need.

Heavy duty canvas tarps are always favored for those purposes which require all weather proof utilization like in extreme weather variations and would be great choice for being used in Japan, especially in the present situation. Different types and grades of the finished heavy duty canvas tarps are available in the market to meet the requirements of the users.

Amongst the many uses, they have already been successfully tried in various natural calamities that have taken place in the different parts of the world like during flood in Pakistan, earthquake in Haiti and in many other places across the world. This can be recommended without any hesitation for use in the very recent Earthquake and consequent Tsunami that happened in Japan. These heavy duty canvas tarps are invaluable for any outdoor uses as also most wanted during any emergency situation that may arise in future. All sorts of necessary modifications are being undertaken to remove any shortcomings so that they really become an ideal appliance.

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