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Getting the Green/Black Drawstring Tarp - Adjustable - 14 x 14 will be a great help during fall cleanups. You can use this tarp to easily haul the swept leaves to the compost or recycling area. This size is enough to wrap a big heap of leaves. The drawstrings allow you to pull all the leaves wherever you need them to be.

With these Green/Black Drawstring Tarps - Adjustable - 14 x 14, you don?t have to place leaves inside multiple trash bags. Just lay the tarp flat on the ground, place heavy stones on the sides (when it?s windy), rake the leaves onto the tarp and wrap all the leaves in one go.

Save yourself from back pains and laborious yard work. Purchase our economical drawstring tarp today.

Written by Vic Matorski

September 06, 2016

Needed a custom poly tarp and got this adjustable one instead. Simple process, I am using it for patio furniture, I pull the string and it wraps around - Works great and saved me a lot of money in the process.
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