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February 25 2013 - Tarps Plus Announces Tarps for Kids Program

Like many other product based companies, tarps plus finds themselves now and then with overstocked items. One unique way to alleviate the stock was to donate them. Tarps Plus is currently overstocked with large white canvas tarps and tarp tents. So they decided to donate the tarps and tents in a unique way. The tarps for kids program will consist of the company taking a 30 x 30 white canvas tarp and a white instant pop-up tent to schools in the antelope Valley area. The 30x30 white canvas tarp is laid on the ground and the white pop-up tent is placed on top of it. Paint and supplies are set out around the perimeter of the tarp and children then can put their hand prints around the bottom part of the tent. Teachers put their hand prints on the top part of the tent. The tent is then removed and free-form painting by the children and teachers are painted onto the 30 x 30 white canvas tarp. At the end of the day, the tarp and tent are donated to the school. Schools use the pop-up tent for functions and assemblies. The tarp is used for assemblies as well is being set up as a piece of art. Both pieces serve as whether protection and a piece of art that symbolizes the connection of students and teachers.

Tarps Plus CEO and founder Michael Stein says, “We are glad we can use these overstocked items in a creative way. We always have an abundant amount of tarps and tents and would like to make this a regular thing.” The California based tarp distributor plans on starting the “Tarps for Kids” program March 28, 2013. Several schools have been chosen around the antelope Valley area where the Tarps Plus headquarters is located. Tarps Plus plans to expand the program all throughout Southern California before the year is over.

If you are a school or teacher and interested in the “Tarps for Kids” program, please contact tarps plus at or call 1-800-838-3057 Tarps Plus is located at: 38940 Trade Center Dr. Palmdale, CA 93551
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