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February 20 2013 - Tarps Plus Gives Away Another Tarps Tent

February 20 2013 - Tarps Plus Gives Away Another Tarps TentNarcisco Ornelas won the $4000 tarp tent that Tarps Plus gave away last Saturday. The tarp distributor had its monthly raffle and the prize was a $4000 poll tarp tent. The winner did not need to purchase anything. They just showed up, put their name on a ticket and put it in the bowl. Tarps Plus sales manager Steve Benson then grabbed inside the bowl and pulled out the winning ticket. Tarps Plus started holding these annual free tarp canopy raffles in order to drum up business, bring the community together and promote their business' goodwill. The Palmdale based company plans on doing a raffle once a month on a regular basis. Steve Benson says," people come into the Tarps Plus retail store all day long. Some customers are looking for hike ticket brand-new tarps and others are looking for savings. So we decided to have a closeout section as well as this giveaway." The tarp tent giveaway has proven to be very successful. Last Saturday's attendance was over 100 people and the event is starting to gain popularity. The Palmdale/Lancaster area is filled with agricultural, construction and various outdoor businesses. Tarps have proven to be an essential asset for the region. Tarps Plus plans various other type of philanthropic/fundraising events in the future for schools, people as well as other companies in need of their products.
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