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These 10x10 ft. drain tarps can fit in those medium size areas and drain the water through the tarp and not on the area that you are trying to protect. These drain tarps are the Light Duty, 12-mil reinforced polyethylene drain covers(not flame retardant)If you have a medium size area that needs protection from a leak, you cannot go wrong with the 10x10 drain tarp.

Facts On High Quality Drain Tarps And Their Uses

If you have ever had a leak in a roof, you would realize the help drain tarps would have been. Using relatively inexpensive tarps to protect equipment or even yourself from stormy weather could save a bunch of money. These tarps come in sizes from five by five to even twenty by twenty feet, giving you all the covering you might need for a particular project.

Most of the drainage kind of tarps are non fire retardant and are made of twelve mil reinforced polyethylene material. They are strong and able to keep the rain from ruining stored crops, equipment or household furnishings until the roof can be repaired. There are, however, heavy duty tarps that are flame retardant. These are made from a 13 ounce heavy duty translucent laminated polyester material.

Our drain tarps are not ordinary tarps, remember. They not only protect from the moisture, they drain the liquid stuff away and into whatever you wish it to be drained into. Some are equipped with connectors that fit tight and attach to a three quarter inch garden hose. This can be directed outside or into another drain of some kind.

The smaller of these tarps use heavy duty D rings sewn into the corners to help with hanging them securely. Larger tarps also have the D rings placed on the center of the sides for more stability. This will secure them where you want them with no leaks on your valuables. Some of the companies offering these drain tarps are open twenty four hours and can be reached online and by phone in an emergency. There have been folks looking for this specific type of tarp and have been told they didn't know what those were! Possibly, an unorthodox use for these tarps could be to catch rain water and direct it into a rain barrel stationed at a site far away from water faucets. This would require a frame of some kind. When a time of no rain occurs, you will have a supply of moisture in a barrel for your plantings.

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