Green/Black Drawstring Tarp - 12x16

Green/Black Drawstring Tarp - 12x16
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Green/Black Drawstring Tarp - 12x16

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There are many ways to maintain your car. One of them is to cover your vehicle with a tarp of good quality. Our Green/Black Drawstring Tarp - Adjustable - 12 x 16 is well suited for car protection. You can save money on keeping your car from scratches, dust and damages caused by ultraviolet rays and pollution. Thereís no need to look for a custom fitted vehicle tarp because our product can fit on different car sizes.

This drawstring tarp provides long-term solution for protecting your vehicle. If your car is parked outdoors, it is prone to exterior damage particularly on days with severe weather conditions. For example, acid rain can ruin a carís finish. So use this tarp cover to maintain the good condition of your vehicle.

Most car covers merely provide protection from dust and dirt. But our Green/Black Drawstring Tarps - Adjustable - 12 x 16 are different. They are weather and water proof plus mold and mildew resistant. These features make our tarp covers usable during rainy days.

Breathability is also important when purchasing a car cover. Our drawstring tarp allows air to circulate. This prevents moisture and condensation.
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