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Clear Poly Tarps - Singles

Clear Poly Tarps - Singles

Clear tarps available from Tarps Plus are heavy-duty, durable and can last for a long time. Clear tarps include a strong nylon made shaft to endure any tear. The Tarps Plus clear tarps are different from other tarps because of the nylon weave around the tarps. The nylon weave are net together as squares to make it visible and heavy-duty. These tarps are mostly used in the agricultural sector. So if you are looking for durable tarps for everyday use, clear tarps will be an ultimate choice.

Clear Tarps - Super Heavy-duty Poly Tarpaulin
6.0 oz/sq yard - 1200 Denier - 14x14 Mesh Count

  • Waterproof
  • Grommets approx. every 36''
  • Mildew defiant
  • Heavy-duty poly tarp
  • Tear resistant
  • UV treated on both sides
  • Acid resistant
  • 14 mil thickness
  • Flexible in arctic conditions
  • Has reinforcement grid 1/4'' x 1/4 ''

Clear tarp finished size is approx. 6" or up to 3% smaller

A thousandth of 1 inch is the measuring unit called the mil. We measure the thickness of our tarp in this unit. You can convert mil to inch by dividing the measurement given in mil by 1000. Here's a sample: 14 mil/1000 = 0.014".

We indicate the linear mass density of fibers in a measuring unit called denier (den). This is described as the mass in g/nine thousand m.

These clear tarps are sold individually.

Clear Poly Tarps - Singles
Clear Tarp 6'x10' - Single

Clear Tarp 6'x10' - Single

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Clear Tarp 6'x20' - Single

Clear Tarp 6'x20' - Single

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Clear Tarp 7'x10' - Single

Clear Tarp 7'x10' - OUT OF STOCK

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Clear Tarp 7'x20' - Single

Clear Tarp 7'x20' - Single

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Clear Tarp 10'x10' - Single

Clear Tarp 10'x10' - Single

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Clear Tarp 10'x12' - Single

Clear Tarp 10'x12' - Single - OUT OF STOCK

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Clear Tarp 10'x20' - Single

Clear Tarp 10'x20' - Single

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Clear Tarp 12'x20' - Single

Clear Tarp 12'x20' - Single

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Clear Tarp 14'x20' - Single

Clear Tarp 14'x20' - Single - OUT OF STOCK

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Clear Tarp 16'x20' - Single

Clear Tarp 16'x20' - Single - OUT OF STOCK

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Clear Tarp 20'x30' - Single

Clear Tarp 20'x30' - Single - OUT OF STOCK

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Clear Tarp 20'x40' - Single

Clear Tarp 20'x40' - Single - OUT OF STOCK

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Ideal Uses of Clear Poly Tarps

Clear poly tarps provide you with visibility. For applications that require a see-through cover, our clear poly tarps are highly recommended. These are heavy-duty covers which can withstand extended use and demanding applications.

Clear poly tarps are usually the choice of individuals who want to build their own greenhouse. They are usually used by people who want to grow plants in a healthy yet controlled environment. The light coming from the sun is needed for plants to grow well, but too much exposure can also dry them. Clear poly tarps allow the light in but can filter the harmful rays which can destroy the plants.

Clear tarps are made of a polyethylene plastic which can be recycled. You can help save Mother Nature by bringing your old, worn out clear poly tarps to recycling facilities. Ask your community about tarp recycling programs in your area.


Clear Poly Tarp Qualities

Our clear poly tarps are very useful to farmers and plant growers. These thick, see-through tarps can last for a long time. With a high weave count and denier, these tarps are suitable for your long-term covering needs.

No matter what the season, you can use these clear poly tarps. With UV treatment, these clear poly tarps are able to withstand the harmful UV rays of the sun. They will not degrade easily from constant exposure to the sun, especially during summer. There are damaging agents that come with the rain, but this tarp will be able to resist them all. Freezing conditions will not stop you from using these tarps. They have arctic flexibility which enables them to work even under extremely cold weather conditions.

Clear poly tarps let the natural light in. Use them with your patio canopies so you can still enjoy the view of the outdoors.

Clear poly tarps come with grommets. These are found along the sides. You can easily secure the tarp by using ropes or bungee cords (both available here at Tarps Plus) with these eyelets.

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