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The laid out size of the car tarp is 12x16 and can be pulled in tighter with the draw string.

Using Car Tarps To Protect Your Car

Do you love your car? People who regard their vehicle as more than just a mode of transportation want to take the best care of their car possible. Car tarps are an inexpensive way of protecting your vehicle when it's not in use. They can protect your car from dirt, pollution, scratches and sun damage.

The car tarps principally protect against harsh weather and storms but they also offer protection against long term damage to your vehicles exterior that can be caused by sunlight and pollution (for example, in some areas, acid rain can seriously damage a car's finish).

Our car tarps also offer an inexpensive method for protecting your car when a garage or other covered parking isn't available. Even when your car is in a garage, the covering can still protect against dust and even corrosion - particularly if it is garaged for long periods of time.

The best car tarps are made from high quality materials that are water and weather proof. While all of these types of covers will provide basic protection against weather and dirt, it's also important to look at the material from which it is made. Polyethylene and Polypropylene covers are mold and mildew resistant and can be additionally treated to provide a stronger barrier against these as well as against UV radiation and pollutants.

Car covers should also be breathable - that is, air must be able to circulate through the material of which they are made. This eliminates the build-up of moisture and condensation and ensures that the car does not get too hot beneath the tarp. You can purchase these protective coverings in a custom fit for your specific type of vehicle or order a custom fitted car tarp for unusual or older style vehicles. Most, however, are adjustable to fit different vehicle shapes without having to buy a custom tarp. Car tarps are an inexpensive way to help preserve the condition of the car no matter where or for how long it's parked.

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