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Boxing Ring Tarp Cover

Boxing Ring Tarp Cover Now you can get high performance of boxing ring tarp covers for boxing rings and the octagon. The vinyl coated polyester boxing ring tarp covers are essential for real boxing ring and MMA enthusiasts. The right material for sports facilities such as boxing rings, martial art mats, etc is our vinyl coated polyester boxing ring tarp covers.

Why Choose Our Boxing Ring Tarp Covers

Once the bout has started, combat athletes fight with all their might. Thereís no holding back. Thatís why a cover that will surely withstand every fight is necessary. Thatís where our Boxing Ring Tarp Covers come in. We have two types available: the vinyl tarp and canvas tarp.

Our vinyl type boxing ring tarps are made of 18-ounce vinyl coated polyester and strengthened by the 3-ply reinforced hem. Whether itís a covering for mats used in martial arts training grounds or for boxing rings, the performance of these tarps deliver. Rigorous footwork by athletes will not tear these tarps. The seams are heat sealed and give these covers a smooth effect. The weight of the fabric is 18 ounces per square yard. They feature heavy-duty brass grommets that are one foot apart. The hems are double needle lockstitched.

On the other hand, our 3-ply hem, canvas type boxing ring tarps are made of 18 ounces #8 cotton canvas duck. This is the type preferred by most gym owners because it is less slippery. These tarps also weigh 18 ounces per square yard with grommets that are a foot apart. If you want a natural fiber, go with the canvas type. The blind seams allow unrestricted movement for athletes. Foam padding is not included in each tarp package.

Both types come in different colors and sizes. Our tarps are very easy to maintain. All you need to do is mop them clean.