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TarpsPlus™ Poly Boat Tarps Singles

TarpsPlus&#153 Poly Boat Tarps Singles

Our boats tarps are waterproof and light weight. These Poly boat tarps are our more economical tarps for boats. If you are looking for boat tarps made for hurricanes, go to our hurricane page. These poly boat tarps can fit many boats and are easy to store.

The poly boat tarp is also great for compact storage. So, if you are looking for a quick fix and need to cover your boat, we suggest these boat tarps.

Boat Tarps - Strong Duty Poly Tarp
4.0 oz. Per Square Yard. - 1100 Denier - 10x10 Weave Count

  • Grommets Approximately every 1.5 feet
  • Acid Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Poly Tarp
  • Mold Defiant
  • Flexible in Arctic Conditions
  • Tear Defiant
  • Ultra violet Treated on two Sides
These Tarps Are Sold Individually - Tarps sold by the case can be found by clicking on "For Tarps By Case Click Here"

Boat Tarps Sold Individually
Boat Tarps 8' x 10' - Single

Boat Tarps 8' x 10' - Single
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Boat Tarps 10' x 12' - Single

Boat Tarps 10' x 12' - Single
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Boat Tarps 20' x 20' - Single

Boat Tarps 20' x 20' - Single
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Boat Tarps<br>  30' x 30' <BR>1 Tarp per carton at $99.00 each

Boat Tarps
30' x 30'
1 Tarp per carton at $99.00 each

$150.00 TP-BT3030-1
Note: These boat tarps are flat rectangular tarp material with grommets around the entire perimeter of the tarp. The boat tarp is not custom made to fit your personal boat. The material is not pre-shaped. To conform the material to the boat, it is suggested to cover the boat tarpaulin to the boat and fasten the material under the boat to create a snug fit. These boat tarps are 100% waterproof and with protect you boat against heavy rain. Boat tarps can be fastened buy rope or bungee cords with hooks on the end which can be found on this page under related products or by going to our accessories page.

What You Need To Know About Poly Boat Tarps

Poly boat tarps are weather proof coverings for boats that are widely used on both domestic and commercial waterways transport and in marinas or docking spaces. They protect the vessel from weathering as well as negating the need to bring decking items inside whenever one goes away from the vessel or suspects a change in weather. They are made of flexible plastic, meaning they are light in weight and give adequate protection from a range of weather contingencies.

The poly boat tarps are made with nylon strands to give enforced strength and long term protection against wear and tear. These strands get coated and bonded with polyethylene, the flexible plastic. The tarpaulin is usually given a number to indicate the amount of strands used, measured in denier, so that the buyer can judge the required strength.

There is a range of different types of material, size and cut, as well as price on offer but the key factor is to purchase from a company that knows this area and can advise what is the best option for the individual. When buying from the internet it is inevitable that sometimes human error will occur with manufacturing, packaging, or postage systems. Purchasing from a company that is trustworthy both with the tarp products and with the customer's financial information is crucial. At Tarps Plus we take pride in offering a service to our customers that goes beyond just offering a good product.

Ideally the poly boat tarps will be both light weight and easy to handle and store. This is so that excess weight does not affect the vessel and that the product does not get in the way of what is often limited storage space. They also need to be maneuverable so that they can be used promptly if necessary.

There are other types of tarp coverings available, but for these qualities this type of product is highly recommended. If sturdier protection is needed, for example if one is expecting to go in to a hurricane zone, go to our main boat tarps page to see our other boat tarps.