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The 6x8 black mesh are our smallest black mesh tarps that we offer. These 6x8 black mesh tarps are sold 12 tarps per case. If you only need to get one 6x8 black mesh tarps, go to our "Black mesh tarps sold individually" Page.

6x8 Black Mesh Tarps Specs:

Note - The 6x8 black mesh tarp finished size is approx. 9" or up to 6% smaller These Black Mesh Tarps Are Sold By The Case - Individual Tarps can be found by clicking on "For Single Tarp Click Here"

Uses And Ideas For Black Mesh Tarps

If you are looking for a way to cover your patio without completely blocking out all of the sunlight, you may want to consider using black mesh tarps. They have a large number of uses including covers for baseball fields, patio covers, weather barrier and to block wind just to name a few. The variety of uses also has a variety of ways to secure them.

Covers such as tarps made of mesh are great blockers of wind. The mesh tarps can be used to fashion a barrier between you and the wind and rain. Simply uses tall poles to slip through the grommets on the tarp and secure the poles with some type of line. If you want to make a wall to block the wind, simply thread the pole through both the top and bottom grommets and secure with line.

Baseball fields use this type of cover to prevent the field from getting too wet in the rain. The black mesh tarps generally secure it with short spikes at each corner and in the center to prevent them from being blown away in wind.

Using a mesh tarp to cover your patio can allow you to enjoy the weather while you are out of the direct sunlight. They are available in a variety of shade ranges so you can choose how much sun you actually receive through them.

Our black mesh tarps can also be used to cover lawn furniture during the winter months. The mesh allows moisture to get in but prevents it from damaging the furniture from the sunlight. It also prevents mildew from setting up under the tarp from condensation.

Since there are dozens of uses for black mesh tarps, it is up to you to determine which one is right for your needs. They are very inexpensive and available in different sizes and colors. Most are resistant to mildew and damage from ripping and tearing.

  • Super Heavy Duty Poly Mesh Tarp
  • Grommets Approx. Every 3 Feet around the tarp's edges Resists Mildew
  • Resists Tearing
  • 70% Shade
  • Flexible under freezing conditions Resists Acid

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