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Barbecue Covers

Barbecue Covers

These barbecue covers are super heavy-duty and fit most barbecue grills. Our barbecue covers will complement any patio or backyard and protect your barbecue grill. Extend the life of your grill while keeping the appearance of your patio neat and elegant. Choose from our sophisticated covers below.

Barbecue Cover Qualities

Our high quality barbecue covers are manufactured by Classic Accessories. These are durable covers that keep your outdoor kitchen safe from the elements. The covers are made of heavyweight fabric which makes them ideal for long-term use. They are designed to last for years. They're also stylish which can even improve the appearance of your patio.

These covers are designed for specific grill models. So before you purchase a cover, check your grill model then check the specs of the covers available to determine which best suits what you currently have.

Most barbecue covers we offer have a custom fit on your barbecue grill. They have elastic cords in the bottom hem. They also feature vents which prevent wind lofting and moisture.

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