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Barbecue Cover — Extra-Large

Barbecue Cover — Extra-Large
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Barbecue Cover — Extra-Large
Barbecue Cover — Extra-Large

Regular Price: $150.00
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24" Heavy Duty Bungee Cord - 12 pcs per bag
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This product is:

Protects extra-large BBQ grill carts against weather and dirt. Fits grill carts up to 70"L x 24"D Tough Rain-Tite™ fabric will not crack in cold. Dual air vents let air circulate and help prevent ballooning in wind. Has front utensil pocket and security strap to keep cover on during windy days.

Large BBQ tarp covers offer the ideal solution for homeowners who want to protect their outdoor cooking investment. A durable polyethylene barbecue tarps sheds moisture and will not mildew or rot. It will protect any type of grill from rain and snow accumulation during harsh weather and prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the finish during the summer.

Our tarps are strong enough they will not rip or tear. They are also impervious to extremely cold weather and the cracking that occurs with inferior products. Consumers can use one with a soft inner lining so there is no risk of scratching the grill surface. Most of them have a strong drawstring or an anchor strap to keep the tarp from blowing away even on the windiest days.

The standard tarp is approx. 6 feet by 7 feet when stretched flat and has adjustable corner drawstrings to keep it tight over the grill. These tarps will adequately cover a grill up to 70" wide, 41" tall and two feet deep. A medium sized model will fit any grill cart up to 58" wide. A large cover will accommodate grills as wide as 70". Larger tarps have air vents cut into to them to allow air to circulate without causing it to balloon up around the grill. These tarps feature a pocket sewn onto the side for utensil storage.

With large BBQ tarp covers, consumers can easily afford to protect their investment and prolong the life of any size barbecue grill. Without an adequate cover, grills are vulnerable to weather and damage from moisture or direct sunlight.

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