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August 20 2013 - Tarps Plus is Off To The Races

August 20 2013 - Tarps Plus is Off To The RacesWillow Springs race track has just found a new partner Tarps Plus. The leading tarps supplier will be sponsoring the racing events in Antelope Valley by supplying tarps, canopies and various other types of covers for the event.Sales manager Steve Benson, who coordinated the collaboration for the event said, "Well, tarps and canopies go with racing like peanut butter and jelly. These of the type he of events that we want our product to be a display at. Willow Springs has a great brand image and we are proud to have Tarps Plus to be involved.The Willow Springs event will be held August 31 and Tarps Plus will have a booth there offering, pop-up tents, poly tarps, canvas tarps and various type of tarps and covers that they offer.