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April 25 2013 - Tarps Plus Gears Up For The 2013 Hurricane Season

April 25 2013 - Tarps Plus Gears Up For The 2013 Hurricane SeasonAs the national oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA) heads towards summer, they predict a highly active hurricane season. Tarps Plus has preemptively made plans to accommodate possible emergencies that may occur if indeed a large hurricane hits the continental United States. The US-based tarp company has stockpiled thousands of hurricane grade tarp covers in the event of a large hurricane. The company has stockpiled the majority of hurricane tarps other Texas facility; strategically placing the tarps to be rapidly shipped out in the active hurricane zones. Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein says, "we have stockpiled over 100,000 hurricane type tarps this year."Tarps Plus has 2 facilities, one in Palmdale, California and the other in Weir Texas. The Weir Texas location enables the company to rapidly distribute massive shipments of tarps in a short amount of time to hurricane and tornado zones.
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