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April 17 2013 - Perfecting The Baseball Field Tarps With New Packaging

April 17 2013 - Perfecting The Baseball Field Tarps With New PackagingMost baseball coaches aid to protect their fields in the beginning of the season with baseball field. Tarps. The problem that most of them have is handling the massive tarp. Bringing the tarp on and off the field can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Tarps Plus has redesigned their baseball tarps to make these tasks a little easier. The 2013 line of baseball field. Tarps by tarps plus feature new packaging when the tarp arrives. The tarp is tightly rolled onto a pallet, strapped and shrink wrapped all in one. Tarp rollers have also been added to the accessories. The tarp rollers are stainless steel metal rods that configure through the grommet hole and enable someone to pull the tarp via the grommet. This makes pulling the tarp much easier. Another item is the tarp roller. The tarp roller is a PVC 2 foot wide pipe cylinder that enables someone to roll the tarp across the field and roll up the tarp for storage.CEO and founder of Tarps Plus, Michael Stein says, "We are constantly trying to expand the type of tarps we have for the convenience of our customers as well as how the tarp is presented when it arrives. These new baseball field tarps are some of the largest items that we carry and we wanted to make sure that they are attractive when they arrive, as well as enabling the customer to work with the tarp more easily."The new baseball tarps are currently in stock at and the tarp rollers will be arriving by July 2013.
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